What to expect?

For me, therapy is a chance to look after yourself and take care of your needs. I often tell clients  that it is the opportunity to chat with someone who is impartial, open and non-judgmental. As your therapist, I will sit alongside you, facilitating the process while listening carefully. I do not know your family or friends so cannot be influenced by what they may feel or know about you.

The therapeutic relationship is the most important part of the counselling process. In my experience, trust builds as the relationship develops, which then enables you to be vulnerable and open up to explore often deep and intimate feelings in a safe and supportive environment.

Person-centred therapy does as the name suggests  by putting you, the client, first. I believe and trust that you are your own expert and with my guidance, you can start to unpack your present or past problems and move on with  greater understanding and knowledge.

During our life, we are often influenced by family, friends, school/ work environment and the media. The messages and expectations we receive often redirect our natural instincts and they get thrown off course resulting in personal conflict/ not trusting ourselves.

My aim is for you to get back on course and start listening to and trusting yourself.

Together, we can explore any issues you may have had or are currently experiencing.

Sessions with me can often be a mix of sadness, anger, reflection, resolve and laughter.