What to expect?

 My therapeutic approach comes from my core belief in the Person-Centred Approach; the model is non-directive and does not make a diagnosis, you are your own expert, not me.

I work from the intention and belief that the client has the inner resources to make positive changes to their life. My focus is that you, with my support and guidance, are able to move forward by exploring and  processing what has caused you pain, upset and/or anger.

The core part of my work is the therapeutic relationship. In my experience, trust builds as the relationship develops. This can enable you to be vulnerable and open up to explore often deep and intimate feelings in a safe and supportive environment.

I’m fully aware that coming to see a Counsellor may seem like a daunting and scary prospect. Please be assured that I take great care with your feelings and will work at a pace that feels comfortable for you.

I’m committed to being an inclusive therapist and welcome all people; I have worked with people from eight years and upwards, men and women, people from different ethnic groups and class backgrounds, disability, as well as people from the LGBTQ community.

Together, we can explore any issues you may have had or are currently experiencing.

Sessions with me can often be a mix of sadness, anger, reflection, resolve and laughter.